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A Family of Artists /  Here to share our love of the performing arts



Owner of Dahling Productions / Dance Instructor

Miss Richelle lives in Kindersley with her husband and 3 year old daughter. She currently teaches dance for 454 Dance Co in Eston, pilates and barre at The Hotroom Yoga Studio and owns Oath&Origin Photography with her husband.  

Richelle grew up in Kindersley and took dance and piano lessons as a young child until she graduated high school. After that she moved to Sydney, Australia and majored in leadership and dance ministry at Hillsong International Leadership College for 4 years. During her time in Australia she was able to perform on a dance team that traveled around New South Wales, take classes from many professional dancers, compete at the Sydney Opera House, and perform at large conferences for crowds of over 10, 000 people! It was an amazing experience where she lead dance teams, choreographed for big events and taught at a dance school all while studying dance and leadership. 

After her time in Australia she felt called to move back to Kindersley to teach and mentor young kids and teenagers through the performing arts and work on creative projects. She started Dahling Productions in 2013 and over that time she has had the privilege of connecting and working with all types of creatives in Kindersley and surrounding area. Together the company has put on over 20 productions, events, camps and workshops since it started.

Aside from Dahling Productions Richelle has been a dance instructor since 2006 giving her 16 years of teaching and choreography experience. She has certificates in Pilates and Barre and has been teaching both for the past 3 years at The Hotroom Yoga Studio. She is currently working on a new certificate in Corrective Exercise which has increased her knowledge about body alignment, breathing and so much more when it comes to movement and exercise. She believes these courses are the perfect addition to her dance training as it helps in teaching safe dance practice to her students, ensuring that as their bodies develop they are learning proper technique and movements to prevent injuries.

Richelle is passionate about providing a wholesome experience for her students. She loves to challenge and draw out each students creative side and invoke a love of dance in everyone that comes to class! 

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