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Quality Classes that leave a Lasting Impact

Dahling Productions is currently offering 8 week seasonal dance sessions in the community of Kindersley, SK. 

The purpose of our sessions is to offer recreational dance classes with a balance of technique, artistry and performance skills, with a shorter time commitment within the year and more frequent performance opportunities.

These classes are for kids that love to dance, express themselves creatively and perform! For students that don't want a ton of pressure or commitment AND for students that want more classes to enhance their current training. In just one year of classes we have seen so much growth in our students, whether it be in confidence, ability and/or a deeper love of movement!

We hope to be a place where kids can come, feel seen, supported, encouraged, challenged and learn something new while hopefully finding community too. For us, dance is so much more than being a perfect dancer and performing all the time. We know there are benefits from dance competitions and examinations but we understand that the desire to dance doesn't always align with those things, which is part of the reason we wanted to start this program.

We believe that anyone of any age can find joy through movement and should be able to without feeling like they aren't "good enough". Movement and expression can be so powerful and healing for performers and audiences.

We also believe that dance doesn't always need to be about performance. It can be a form of therapy or a simple way to enjoy exercise, without the need to be on stage, which is why our performance night is optional for our students. For the students that choose to perform, the recital is a great way for them to share what they learned and show off a bit! The nerves come and go but the kids are always pumped up after they perform which is so fun to see!

Overall we have had really nice reviews from students and parents about our program so far and we think that is pretty special! We are proud that we can offer something unique in our community and we are so thankful that we get to do what we do!

So if your child is interested in any of the above, there is a place for them in our program! 

Note: We are doing our best to try and offer singing and acting classes in the future, it just depends on interest and instructor availability. We love the performing arts and believe there is a need for them in our community!

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