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What We Offer

Every year we produce a number of events, using a variety of theatre, dance, live music, or video presentations. All which are based out of Kindersley, SK. If you would like to bring an event to your town/city that is a service that is available.

For booking or inquiries see our contact page.



“A creative approach to challenge mindsets and inspire individuality”

This year’s presentation: “Fingerprints” – Our fingerprint is a physical part of our identity. Fingerprints are unique to each one of us but they are also something that unifies us as human beings. The statement that is laced throughout the presentation is that each individual is unique, therefore everyone is unique. To believe in yourself, chase after your dreams and leave a positive mark on the world is important, but we need to love and accept one another in order to do that. In order to find our true identity we need to be given the chance to do so, and sometimes in life we are influenced in a way that keeps us from doing that. The goal is to educate the students and also give them tools to move toward finding and keeping their true identity by using various art forms in a creative presentation.



“Creating a space for women to feel valued and loved”

This year’s presentation: “A Beautiful Exchange” – A Beautiful exchange was created with the goal of bringing women together.

We recognized how different women can feel from one another and how that can breed competition and loneliness. Through this presentation we hope to remind each other that even though we can feel alone and separate we are still together. So we create a environment that women can get dolled up for but more importantly be themselves. We do this by using performing arts with local women that have had relatable struggles and gave them opportunity to be vulnerable and convey how they push through those hard times. In the end it is our heart that this presentation gives women a chance to let their guard down, appreciate one another and share in that beautiful exchange.



“An entertaining, family event in the Christmas season”

Each year we produce a Christmas Theatre Production that includes acting, singing, dancing and a live band. If you would like to be a part of this in any way feel free to contact us. Show & ticket information is on our home page. There is also a possibility to bring this show to another centre – contact us for more info.


“Harnessing the gifts & talents in each of us”

This service is available anytime of the year. Can include training in acting, singing, dancing, musicianship, and behind the scenes/production roles. Contact us for more info. Next available workshop: Performing arts camp in Kindersley, Sk summer of 2017.